Check out some of the awesome projects we've had the privilege to work on. We do like to show off ;)

Portfolio - Otex Electrical
Otex Electrical

With previous web presense, Otex Electrical worked with us to update their look, move away from Joomla to something bespoke, modern and speedy. SEO was one of the main focuses with this project and integrating with Reviews.co.uk to give their new customers a real warm welcome.

Portfolio - Explore Atlas
Explore Atlas

Explore Atlas challanged Blue Wave Media with building a web application for the popular online MMORPG ATLAS. With live player tracking, advanced search features and amazing mobile/tablet support with tricky assets. Explore Atlas was another happy customer.

Portfolio - DA Electrical
DA Electrical

With no previous online presense, DA Electrical wanted to take the rains of the online world and reach a new customer base. We built them a simple site, focusing on their NEST Pro and Smart Home selling points.

Portfolio - VIP Marquees
VIP Marquees

With many years servicing festivals all around the UK, VIP Marquees got their logo touched up, vectored and their whole online presence updated. With a new website look, faster browsing on all devices, VIP Marquees was another happy customer.